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Accelerating Growth in the Medicare Industry — Health Solutions Direct, LLC is Ready to Hire

The opening of their new office makes room to hire 100 insurance sales agents immediately.

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Healthcare Solutions Direct is on the move. Setting up shop in a bigger building, this national insurance agency opted to expand even during the Coronavirus pandemic to ensure it can meet the needs of its existing customer base and the growing retiree population. Focused on Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and ancillary related items like dental, vision, hearing, and cancer insurance, Healthcare Solutions Direct took action to address the increasing number of people turning 65 as well as those who are taking early retirement as a result of COVID-19. They moved into their new building on the first of June 2020.

To help manage the healthcare needs of those moving into retirement, Healthcare Solutions Direct is committed to filling the seats of 100 agents between now and the start of the fourth quarter of 2020. “Our new facility can accommodate up to 200 sales agents, and we’re hoping to continue hiring as resources allow,” shares Greg Gurbikian, President and CEO of Healthcare Solutions Direct.

Healthcare Solutions Direct prides itself on the culture created throughout the company, and the employees agree. “I feel like I am helping build something, and I believe that we are helping people,” says Brittany Beckner, Manager of the Client Experience Group.

Close to 11,000 people turn 65 each day, and by 2030 there will be over 79 million people on Medicare. Healthcare Solutions Direct, LLC is poised with cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff to help service the entire transition of those going onto Medicare. Staff is committed to working alongside clients right from the start, offering support throughout the entire process. This helps eliminate any confusion, so each client never feels alone when it comes to Medicare.

“We took the step to proudly display our name on the side of the building to make a statement. We’re here to stay to support this growing community of people, some of whom suddenly find themselves dealing with healthcare and retirement,” says Greg Gurbikian, President and CEO of Healthcare Solutions Direct.

Healthcare Solutions Direct, LLC is dedicated to providing the “right” coverage for each client. Keeping it as Simple as 1-2-3™ makes navigating the diverse product offerings easier for each client. Healthcare is not a one-size fits all industry, and Healthcare Solutions Direct takes the guesswork and stress out of Medicare at the start of the enrollment process, continuing support throughout the client’s experience.

Learn more about job availability by calling 844-427-7526 or by emailing careers@healthcaresolutionsdirect.com

About Healthcare Solutions Direct, LLC:

Based in Tampa, Florida, Healthcare Solutions Direct, LLC was founded in 2014 with a vision to operate as a company based on integrity, educating the customer, and providing an outstanding client experience to our customers nationwide. We want the best for our staff and clients, which often means demystifying the confusing and overwhelming landscape of Medicare. Our commitment to making the process as Simple as 1-2-3™ makes Healthcare Solutions Direct, LLC stand out.

We represent the Major Medicare Insurance Carriers in the United States, allowing us to pinpoint which one is best for our customers. Our company’s growth and success are evident by the outstanding sales professionals that take their time to help educate the customer on what is the best choice to meet their specific needs. For additional information visit www.healthcaresolutionsdirect.com/


Daniel Austin — Healthcare Solutions Direct, LLC

daustin@healthcaresolutionsdirect.com – 844-427-7526