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Body Armor Sales to the General Public Up 600%

Body Armor Sales to the General Public Up 600%

Florida based Body Armor Direct reports heavy demand for American Made bullet resistant vests for the general public.

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Body Armor Direct, a manufacturer of body armor products reports increased demand for bullet resistant t-shirts, vests and active shooter kits that protect law enforcement, private security and the general public from handguns and rifles.

Body Armor Sales to the General Public Up 600%

Products sold by Body Armor Direct are not available in most retail stores and are typically purchased online via www.bodyarmordirect.com. “Our mission is to save lives. We started the company to make affordable armor for every American that has a handgun or rifle threat. Our bullet resistant VIP T-Shirt is in demand,” said Dave Goldberg, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Body Armor Direct.

Increased demand for body armor has allowed Body Armor Direct to manufacture in the USA and hire throughout the pandemic. “Manufacturing in the USA allows us to provide confidence the vest will perform in a time of need. We are under strict Governmental oversight” said Goldberg.

The election, pandemic, quarantine, civil unrest, and de-fund the police protests have increased demand. There are no background checks or holding period to purchase body armor. Body Armor Direct vision is to be the largest direct to consumer body armor company in the nation.

Mr. Goldberg is available for interviews.

About Body Armor Direct

Body Armor Direct was founded by Dave Goldberg in January 2018 with the mission to save lives. Dave Goldberg is a former executive of Point Blank Body Armor, the largest and most reputable body armor manufacturer in the United States. Body Armor Direct sells body armor Certified by the National Institute of Justice-the research, development and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice. The company sells direct on their website www.bodyarmordirect.com and through a dealer network called Body Armor Plus. Customers include the Federal Government, State and local agencies, corrections, private security companies, schools, churches, hospitals, hotels, lawyers, Doctors, athletes, celebrities, businesses and the general public nationwide.

Body Armor Sales to the General Public Up 600%


Dave Goldberg

CEO, Body Armor Direct

(561) 212-6708


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