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Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion PAC Launches Digital Ad Campaign Condemning Governor Carney’s Failures in Advance of Gubernatorial Primary

The ads will run in the Delaware News Journal and Dover Post in the week leading up to the September 15th Democratic Primary, and focus on Governor Carney’s failures on issues like police reform, COVID-19 response, and judicial accountability

DOVER, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, the newly-formed Political Action Committee, Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion (CTI), announced a new series of digital advertisements slamming Governor Carney for his failures on myriad issues including police reform, judicial accountability, and his administration’s disastrous response to COVID-19 which has put communities of color and prisoners in the State’s Correctional facilities at significant risk.

The ads include a sponsored email blast to Delaware News Journal readers and promotion of CTI’s television advertisement — “A New Way Forward for Delaware” — in the Dover Post that will run in the week leading up to the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary on September 15th.

Said Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion spokesman Chris Coffey, “Governor Carney has continued attacking us in bad-faith rather than addressing the real issues we’re bringing up, which have had disastrous consequences for the people of Delaware. That just means we need to be even louder to get through to him, and this advertising campaign is a way to do just that.

“Governor Carney needs to answer for the scourge of police brutality that has gone unchecked under his watch, as police officers have shot and killed nine Delaware citizens during his term with impunity, disproportionately hurting marginalized communities. He needs to answer why Delaware’s prison populations are 60% people of color while those same groups are systematically denied access to high-paying jobs and equitable educational opportunities.

“While he’s at it, can Governor Carney explain why Delaware’s prisoners have been sickened by COVID-19 at the fifth-highest rate in the nation and double-digit prisoners have died from the disease in the correctional facilities he runs? Or why he’s continued to ignore protesters’ demands for dignified, humane treatment of inmates in his care?

“Governor Carney won’t answer these questions because he’s scared to admit the truth: his focus has always been keeping his wealthy donors happy, not making changes that help normal Delawareans.

“That’s why his administration keeps giving millions of dollars in government contracts and no-bid legal fees go to scandal-ridden elite firms like Skadden Arps with zero Black or Latinx partners, directly contributing to the income gap that leaves Black and Latinx households 50% poorer than their white counterparts. And that’s why he refuses to stand for the interests of working-class Delawareans against the corporate insiders who fund his campaign.

“As Governor Carney seeks re-election, we are committed to exposing how he relies on the ‘Delaware Way’ of rule by an ‘old boys club’ to maintain his power and protect entrenched interests. It’s time for the people of Delaware to hold him accountable at the ballot box.”

Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion is a Political Action Committee that promotes transparency, accountability, diversity, and inclusion in Delaware’s state government and court system. Learn more at CitizensPac.DE.


Chris Coffey, ccoffey@tuskstrategies.com