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Fundado el 20 de mayo de 2013’s New Coffee Matching Algorithm Guarantees the Perfect Cup

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On Wednesday, September 9th, 2020, Coffee Subscription service released a new algorithm designed to help users find coffees that fit their specific tastes and preferences.

The Pain Points of Shopping Specialty Coffee

The world of specialty coffee is extremely diverse, and many find it difficult to find coffees that suit their particular preferences. Determining a friend’s preferences can be even harder, something many will soon be thinking about as the holiday season approaches. Finally, specialty coffee is expensive, which only adds to the frustration when you order something you end up not liking.

The Solution to Finding your Perfect Coffee spent the past six months crafting what they believe to be the most accurate and reliable coffee-matching algorithm in the world.

The new algorithm (which is incorporated into a uniquely fun questionnaire) works like a personal coffee matchmaker, matching you with coffees you’re guaranteed to love, based on the preferences you establish through your answers. One user had this to say: “The new Algorithm is a total game changer. Spot on recommendations.” is so confident in the accuracy and usability of its new algorithm they are offering $5 off to all new users who try it out.

The Art and Science Behind the Algorithm’s new algorithm guarantees a match made in heaven through the use of just nine simple questions. The answers to those questions are calculated and a recommendation based on the user’s specific tastes and preferences is generated.

Try It Out for Yourself

Data Breakdown

  • Over 262,144 possible questionnaire combinations
  • Touches over 2,800 points of data
  • Pulls from a library of over 450 different coffees

From a recent survey of over 8,000 users:

  • 88% say they prefer help when picking out coffees.
  • 91% say they’d enjoy a questionnaire designed to help them understand their preferences in coffee.
  • 90% say that flavor and roast profile are most important to them. (Our questionnaire figures these out)
  • 88% say they’d prefer to regularly try new coffees instead of always drinking the same. Fast Facts

  • 100% free shipping always
  • Independently owned roasters only
  • No Subscription fees, only pay for the coffee you order.
  • Bulk bag discounts and sample kit options also available.


Media Contact:

Lance Grabowski | Marketing Director
503 847 9401

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