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Grassroots Coalition of L.A. Tenants and Housing Advocates to SHUT DOWN THE COURTS

Wednesday, Sept. 2nd 7:00 a.m. DTLA

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A broad coalition of tenants and housing rights organizers are shutting down the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, the epicenter of eviction orders issued against tenants in Los Angeles. The legislative cycle has ended and the window to help 17 million renters closed with AB 3088, the atrocious compromise bill that Gov. Newsom and the State Legislature reached with the blessing of the California Apartment Association (CAA) and other landlord lobbyist groups. AB 3088 is about landlords collecting rent rather than protecting tenants. AB 3088 will saddle renters with nearly a year of back rent with no forgiveness and no protections against eviction. Rent debt will claim the economic future of millions of renters in California, many of whom lost their jobs and wages by no fault of their own.


Tenants and a grassroots coalition of housing advocate groups




Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 110 N. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90012


Wednesday, Sept 2, 2020, 7:00 am

The compromise AB 3088 is a capitulation to the CAA and a failure of leadership, a failure to stand up to multi-billionaire corporate developers and Wall Street landlords, a failure to keep families in their homes during a pandemic, a failure to set right the damage that the State has wrought on tenants following their compounded failure during a global pandemic. The state legislature has shrugged off the responsibility to protect the tenants of California and have thrown them to the courts. The same courts where working class black/indigenous/people of color face oppression, not justice; collections not economic assistance; eviction not housing.

That is why tenants facing eviction and rent debt have joined together with ACCE, SAJE, EDN, LA Voice, Glendale Tenants Union, CCED, LATU, Party For Socialism And Liberation, Black Lives Matter, Housing Is A Human Right, People’s City Council, Pasadena Tenants Union, Eastside LEADS, Community Power Collective, Indigenous Youth Council, LACCLA, and Anti Eviction Mapping Project.

We will be shutting down the courts by forming a human chain for as long as needed until Gov. Newsom heeds tenants’ needs, not just the greed of corporate and developer interests. This action will end in time for the second action in front of District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s office.

Sent on behalf of a wide group of grassroots housing justice and tenant organizations by Housing Is A Human Right (HHR).


For Press Inquiries, contact:

Rae Huang, rae@lavoice.org, (919-695-5157) and

Trinidad Ruiz (Spanish only/En Español), justrinidad@gmail.com, (310-916-7636)