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Healthwatch Systems, LLC Announces Availability of Covid-19 Healthwatch

BURBANK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Healthwatch Systems, LLC announces the availability of Covid-19 Healthwatch, enabling organizations of all sizes to monitor and track their employee’s health symptoms with cloud-based technology.

“In an effort to keep employees safe, comply with governmental regulations and to reduce liability, most businesses are implementing some sort of daily health check questionnaire,” said Ken Barber, CEO of Healthwatch Systems. “Companies using spreadsheets or paper forms are struggling to administer and organize them.”

How it works

Using cloud-based technology, Covid-19 Healthwatch delivers, gathers, analyzes and archives the questionnaires. The system can automatically send out the forms to users that are registered to a shift. Alternatively, QR codes can be setup at entrances for users to scan with their phones. The form is immediately texted to them. The answers are tabulated, and company management can instantly see the results on an interactive dashboard or receive automated notifications.

A unique feature of the Covid-19 Healthwatch System is that a snapshot of the questionnaire response is saved in addition to the answers to the questions. This provides strong documentation in the case of future claims or litigation. The data is stored in highly secured cloud-storage and can be retrieved in seconds and stored for years.


Covid-19 Healthwatch can be an integral part of company plans to keep their employees and customers safe from Covid-19. It simplifies administering symptom questionnaires for people entering a facility both on a regular or ad hoc basis. It also is ideal for monitoring outside service or sales personnel. Suitable applications include schools, offices, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, health clubs and sports leagues.


“We have used the latest in cloud and programming technology to build a reliable, flexible, and easy to use product. Configuration is very straightforward with basic systems being setup in hours and complex ones in a few days. The system supports multiple locations, time zones, departments and groups with global and granular views of the data,” explained David Kraai, Healthwatch Systems CTO


Founded in 2020, Healthwatch Systems provides cloud-based health monitoring solutions. Healthwatch Systems, is affiliated with APT, Inc., a software company with nearly 30 years of profitable operation.


Ken Barber

+1 (818) 824-6676
Covid-19 Healthwatch