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New Purdy Painter’s Backpack Now at Sherwin-Williams Stores

New Purdy Painter’s Backpack Now at Sherwin-Williams Stores

Designed by pros for pros, this is a pack that painters can proudly wear to work to make jobs more organized

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Purdy believes a backpack designed by pros for pros can make more organized and productive painters and created the new Purdy Painter’s Backpack to prove it. Now through Sherwin-Williams stores, Purdy fans can get their hands on this functional, fashionable pack (MSRP $99.99 USD) that is Purdy’s first portable, painters organizational storage solution.

New Purdy Painter’s Backpack Now at Sherwin-Williams Stores

Packed with Pride

Professionals know the pride that goes into every brushstroke, razor-sharp line and stunning finish. That’s why the Purdy Painter’s Backpack carries the tools painters need to achieve the best results while looking their finest.

“We consulted with pros to identify what’s most important when preparing for the job site,” said Connie McKinney, Senior Product Manager, Purdy. “Our new backpack represents the feedback of many successful pros. Taking the best ideas, we’ve given customers an efficient and functional way to show the passion they invest in their craft, businesses and brand.”

To see what sets the Purdy Painter’s Backpack apart, it’s necessary to unpack a host of handsome features and handy benefits including:

  • Multiple dedicated pockets for roller frames and covers, extension poles, prep tools and a bevy of brushes. With the Purdy Painter’s Backpack, owners can prepare for anything while keeping everything neatly tucked away.
  • A detachable wet pouch for transporting used brushes and rollers. The pouch is easy to wash so it stays tidy no matter what mess painters throw at it.
  • A smartphone holder and extra space to stash that favorite thermos, along with an external USB connector to charge digital devices, because business doesn’t stop when the next job starts. This personal organizer doubles as an office-on-the-go.
  • Durable, weather-resistant fabric, heavy-duty grips and rugged metal zippers that aren’t found on just any bag. The Purdy Painter’s Backpack is ready for the road and stands up to rough use for those who don’t mind getting dirty.

The new backpack is also designed to distribute weight evenly so that owners can feel more comfortable throughout the day as they carry items to and from the many places they go. For added convenience, the bag’s two foldout pockets open fully and lay flat so that painters can find their tools in a hurry.

Shop Sherwin-Williams

The Purdy Painter’s Backpack is currently available through Sherwin-Williams.

When their gear is anything but ordinary, painters can achieve extraordinary results. Behind every carefully stitched bag is the pride of knowing that no matter what owners carry in their pack, it’s the perfect finish that counts. The Purdy Painter’s Backpack is designed for those who do more.

See more at and discover why countless professionals have made Purdy their preferred brand since 1925. Painters can also connect with Purdy on Facebook, check out the latest tools on Instagram, and watch helpful how-to videos on YouTube.

About the Purdy® Brand

Purdy is a leading manufacturer of professional painting applicators for paint and decorating projects, delivering innovative products that provide the perfect finish. Since 1925, professional painters and skilled do-it-yourselfers have looked to Purdy for high-quality, handcrafted tools. Purdy offers premium paintbrushes, roller covers, extension poles, surface preparation tools and paint accessories for almost every application. Purdy strives on its commitment to quality, durability and performance. PROS demand … PURDY delivers.

New Purdy Painter’s Backpack Now at Sherwin-Williams Stores


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