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Nextt Launches Healthcare Supplies Division to Provide Medical Grade PPE Products During Pandemic

Nextt Launches Healthcare Supplies Division to Provide Medical Grade PPE Products During Pandemic

Nextt Shield’s supplies include N-95 face masks, face shields, gowns, gloves and hand sanitizer

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Consumers can now access medical grade personal protective equipment (PPE) products through Dallas-based Nextt, which just expanded its multi-million dollar business from sheets to in-demand protective gear, including N-95 face masks, face shields, gowns, gloves and hand sanitizer. Nextt Shield, the company’s new healthcare supplies division, will be the first company importing meaningful quantities of PPE from India to serve both consumers and commercial customers.

Nextt Launches Healthcare Supplies Division to Provide Medical Grade PPE Products During Pandemic

Nextt, an import leader in sheet and towels, decided to expand when the global supply chain for masks unraveled in March. In just a few months, Nextt Shield has registered close to 35 million units as a key supplier to Texas institutions.

Nextt Shield’s in-state customers already include the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM), City of Dallas, Mary Kay Corporation and Texas Department of Public Safety. The Texas Education Agency will put hand sanitizer from Nextt Shield in schools this fall.

Consumer purchases are made directly from Nextt Shield’s consumer website, and everything ships directly and immediately from the company’s Texas warehouse. The company offers N-95 masks that meet CDC certification and KN-95 masks that are internationally certified.

“Most PPE is made from fabric, so inspiration hit me when global pandemic conditions complicated the shipping of millions of dollars of textiles we typically supplied to U.S. customers,” Nextt CEO Arun Agarwal said. “I fast-tracked the new division, and my biggest advantage was having an existing supply chain with credible and capable manufacturers in India. Nextt Shield can get large volumes of PPE quickly into the hands of customers who desperately need them. I do hope the huge pandemic-need subsides, but we expect production and sales of medical supplies to be a long-term part of the business.”

A successful supply chain continues to help Agarwal meet demand near and far. Dallas resident Cynthia Lee, 71, sought and couldn’t find N-95 face masks and good quality face shields ahead of planned air travel until a friend told her about Nextt Shield.

Since her Nextt Shield products arrived in a few days after ordering — and well ahead of her flight — Lee’s first vacation in six months still happened.

“My husband and I were so glad that we could keep our vacation plans and know that we were protecting ourselves from COVID-19 exposure as much as possible,” Lee said. “I had previously ordered face masks from various websites, and while some were quite cute, I wasn’t confident about their efficacy. With our medical quality masks, face shields and hand sanitizer, we felt that we were protecting ourselves as much as we could without totally giving up our vacation plans.”

D.A. Lannom, Director of Operations for Texas-based VetJet Services, said Nextt Shield’s PPE products helped his federal customers.

“I served in the U.S. Army and held many senior leadership positions in the Defense Logistics Agency, so I understand the necessity of partnering with trusted leaders in the industry,” Lannom said. “Nextt Shield was able to deliver when others where not.”

A medical device and PPE supply company in Irving also appreciates Nextt Shield’s reliability.

“With Nextt Shield, we supported many front-line responders and communities across the country with quality PPE products at affordable prices on a consistent basis,” said Ivan Lemus, CEO and Founder of Razorblade Solutions. “Mr. Agarwal’s dedication to humanity and leadership is top notch.”

Organizations within the state of New York have also discovered Nextt Shield along with various hospitals, school districts and universities across the country. View the full complement of Nextt Shield’s commercial PPE offerings online.

About Nextt

Dallas-based Nextt is rated as the leading bedding company in North American by industry publications, as every two seconds a sheet set supplied by the company is sold. Nextt is also a diversified manufacturer of home textiles, garments, apparel fabrics and polyester yarns, selling directly to manufacturers, exporters, importers, retailers and to some of the world’s top brands. The company focuses on world-class infrastructure, best-in-class technology, uncompromising quality standards and dynamic product innovation. Under the leadership of CEO and Director Arun Agarwal, Nextt has established partnerships and alliances with major brands and celebrities. The company is also a supplier to major retailers including Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Costco and Belk. For more information on Nextt, please visit

Nextt Launches Healthcare Supplies Division to Provide Medical Grade PPE Products During Pandemic


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