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Non-Slip Earbuds From Letsfit and Freebit Ensure Better Workouts at an Affordable Price

T20 true wireless earbuds stay in place during any exercise, available on Indiegogo on August 10

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Say goodbye to sweaty, uncomfortable headphones slipping out of your ears during a run. The new Letsfit T20 true wireless earbuds, developed by Letsfit in conjunction with award-winning Freebit, promise a snug, secure fit that ensures your earbuds won’t fall out during even the longest and most strenuous workouts.

“We’ve all experienced the discomfort caused by earbuds that have to be forcefully placed deep inside your ears, and the frustration of having to constantly readjust them to stay in place during exercise,” said Eli Rivera, U.S. Director for Letsfit. “That’s why Letsfit partnered with Freebit. With our commitment to utility and affordability, and Freebit’s focus on comfort and secure design, we knew we could develop a better option. Whether you’re taking a run outside or enjoying a yoga class at home, with the T20 earbuds, the only thing you’ll have to focus on is crushing your workout.”

The T20s stay true to Letsfit’s commitment to providing high-quality, affordable fitness gear. Featuring a brand-new, proprietary Scandinavian c-skirt design, the Letsfit T20 earbuds spiral into the ear without creating pressure for a secure, comfortable fit that maintains its shape over time and use. A breathable “fin” on the outside of the earbud allows air to circulate, reducing the build-up of sweat that causes traditional sports earbuds to slip out during exercise. The T20s are also totally wireless and sweat- and water-resistant, making them a powerful, convenient option for a variety of outdoor or indoor activities.

Other features include intuitive touch control, which allows T20 wearers to conveniently skip songs and answer calls, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure a steady connection. Each set of earbuds comes with a portable charging case that provides 30 hours of battery life, so users will never run out of juice.

The T20 wireless earbuds are available for pre-order now through Indiegogo. They come in black, white, or a limited-edition orange color only available through the Indiegogo campaign.

For more information about the Letsfit T20 non-slip, true wireless earbuds and to pre-order for 40% off, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/–140181/coming_soon.

High-resolution product images and videos are available to download here: https://bit.ly/2Xda2lT

About Letsfit

Letsfit serves everyday people during their everyday exercise. With fitness trackers, smart watches, earbuds, and other workout gear, Letsfit provides high-quality products that help people live healthier lives. www.letsfit.com


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