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PepperPointe Partnerships Nearly Doubles Size in One Day

PepperPointe Partnerships grows to 92 dental practice locations and more than $100 million in managed revenue

LEXINGTON, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PepperPointe Partnerships continues its significant growth through the addition of 37 independent dental practices in Kentucky on October 1. These practices, owned by 47 doctor-partners, are part of 37 separate transactions occurring on the same day. With the close of these transactions, PepperPointe now manages 92 office locations, including pediatric dental, orthodontic and general dentistry, with 85 doctor partners.

Founded in 2017, PepperPointe has a patient-centered approach with practices owned entirely by doctors. Because of this, the continuity of care for patients remains intact and doctors continue to treat patients with the excellent quality care that led to their successful practices.

“Our model was created because as an orthodontist myself, I didn’t want to have to justify an exit strategy that was just negotiating the terms of my surrender,” says White. “Instead, I wanted to create an exit strategy for myself, and that of my partners, that maintained doctor ownership and ensured freedom and autonomy. Our alternative fights against the corporate-owned and private equity-backed DSOs that strip unit-level ownership from doctor-owners. Instead, our model creates synergies and opportunities through the true alignment that exists for the doctor owners. It also provides the financial security that doctor partners deserve.”

The enhanced operational support of the PepperPointe team enables doctors to focus on what they were trained, and love, to do: provide excellent patient care and build long-lasting relationships and connections.

“Our grassroots approach provides all of the benefits of DSOs but without surrendering the ideals behind the great practices doctors have spent years building,” says White. “As we’ve met with dentists during this global pandemic, we’ve been able to demonstrate for them that they no longer have to feel isolated and alone, uncertain about the ‘new normal’ or their future. Our mission and vision is resonating with so many, and we’re looking forward to providing doctors with a plan of action for their future. This is truly a movement against the same forces that has led medicine and pharmacy into their current states because I believe dentistry can do better.”

PepperPointe Partnerships plans to continue their successful growth strategy without private equity support, looking for like-minded doctors to partner with across the country.


Julie Booher