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Sapphire Digital’s SmartShopper Program Reduced Medical Spending for Plan Sponsors by $33.5M in 2019

More than four million Americans are shopping for health care with SmartShopper, saving an average of $654 per shopped procedure in 2019

LYNDHURST, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sapphire Digital, a leader in empowering consumers to make better choices that deliver health care savings, today released its 2020 SmartShopper Performance and Savings report. The annual report highlights significant savings achieved by plan sponsors when consumers shop for elective and non-emergent procedures and services. In 2019, Sapphire Digital’s SmartShopper digital platform generated more than $33.5 million in savings for plan sponsors and shared nearly $5 million in cash incentives with consumers.

Today, more than ever, consumers need tools and support to find the best health care, at the best price. A recent Sapphire Digital survey reported that nearly 1 in 2 adults (47%) will change how they access care following COVID-19, including where they go for their procedures and the associated cost. With all states now easing restrictions on elective and non-emergent procedures, the health care system has a substantial pent-up demand of delayed and cancelled procedures. Consumers need help to navigate the system to find and schedule care at the best locations at an affordable price.

Sapphire Digital’s SmartShopper digital shopping platform, coupled with personalized concierge services, allows consumers to shop for and compare options for care facilities and costs, and save money for themselves and their plan sponsors. Consumers also receive a cash reward as a share of the savings when they receive care at a cost-effective location. The average claims savings on a shopped procedure in 2019 was $654.

“Americans already shop online in just about every other aspect of their lives,” said Kyle Raffaniello, CEO of Sapphire Digital. “SmartShopper has been enabling people to shop effectively for health care for over six years, saving more than $100 million for plan sponsors. Now more than ever, consumers need digital tools, supported by personalized concierge services, to help them find the right care, at the right price, at the right location.”

This surge of delayed elective and non-emergent procedures will need to be absorbed by a health care system with finite resources and needs to be sequenced over time. SmartShopper’s Personal Assistant Team will play an even more important role than ever before in helping consumers navigate the system, understand their options and schedule procedures for them, to ensure they are able to access and receive the care they need.

With SmartShopper, consumers can shop for care including imaging services, lab work, specialty drugs, preventative screenings and outpatient surgeries. The price differentials on even in-network care vary substantially from one facility to the next. Therefore, it’s important for consumers to leverage digital shopping tools to find high value care.

Sample of Savings per Procedure


Savings Per Case

Bariatric Surgery


Cataract Surgery


Physical Therapy




Lab Work


About Sapphire Digital

Sapphire Digital empowers consumers to make better choices that deliver health care savings for consumers, health plans and employers. Our solutions integrate complex data, insights and engagement with leading technology to drive intelligent, and personalized patient journeys. We help direct consumers to high-quality, more affordable medical care, and drive measurable and sustainable savings. More than 100 million people rely on Sapphire Digital to help them decide on their care with confidence.

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