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Fundado el 20 de mayo de 2013

Matt Cartwright, is the best option for our community

After a time of deliberation by the Latino News team, we have made the decision to break with the historical tradition of this newspaper not to endorse political candidates for public office. As a Hispanic newspaper in northeastern Pennsylvania, we have decided to endorse U.S.  Representative Matthew Cartwright for his service record, not only from his current position as a politician, but through the volunteer work, he has done in nonprofit organizations throughout of his life.

Latino News is a newspaper whose sole objective is to serve the best interests of the Hispanic community. Our trajectory proves it and we will continue on an upward path of support and respect, without ever losing the objectivity of the reality of the events that we have to present to our readers.

Matt Cartwright, an U.S Representative for Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district, believes and works on fundamental things that our community needs such as good paying jobs, clean water, clean air and good education.

We live in a time of many national wildness; therefore, it is imperative that men and women in the various political scenarios defend the rights of the working class, not only advocate for the interests of the rich. Matt, is worried and will fight with all his strength, so that the gap between social classes does not broaden and there are growth opportunities for minorities.

By keeping Matt in the House of Representatives in Washington D.C., we guarantee a staunch advocate for the causes of the working class.


Eddy Ulerio


Latino News (HQ)

Hazleton, PA