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Fundado el 20 de mayo de 2013

Latino Coalition of the Greater Hazleton Consolidates

By Eddy Ulerio

Translated by Ben Medina


HAZLETON, PA.– The recent created Latino coalition was last Sunday in front of La casa Dominicana de Hazleton, registering US citizens so they can vote in the coming election.

“It was a weekend full of activities, that started with a workshop Friday evening, followed by visiting and knocking on doors on Saturday and they finished with more registration”; said Fermin Diaz, vice chairman of the coalition.

A Group of Hispanics have been concerned for the lack of Latino representation in our region and decided to create the Greater Hazleton Latino Coalition and since created more volunteers are adding to work for our Hispanic community.

According to the Chairwoman, Ingrid Echevarria, “we have been working on the bylaws of the coalition and very soon we will our own rules”.

The Coalition want to work in different areas, supporting the progress of organizations that are doing a tremendous job for the community. It is the goal of the Coalition, to gather forces to strengths as organization leaving aside any individual differences and focusing on the wellbeing of the community.

The Coalition would like to thank particularly Nadia Villanueva, for her interest and work to empower the Hispanic community in Hazleton, bringing her political experience and been part of the work done thus far. Also, they want to thank the Democratic leaders Cornell Wilson from Lebanon, Dwayne Heisler from Catawissa, who have been an asset in helping organize and structure the Latino Coalition.